Lizanne Falsetto Testimonial:
A Visionary Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of thinkThin®, CEO Pink Talented Angels & LF Advisory, Global Wellness Expert


"I love this product! My first career was as a model so self-care/skin care was essential to my livelihood. Over the years, I've tried countless products, but have always gravitated to and found the best results come from natural and organic products. All Moringa's Moisturizing Cream is hands down one of the best facial creams I've ever used. The texture is light yet rich, with a lovely fresh Jasmine scent. One of the first results I noticed was that my skin was more moist/hydrated and my fine lines were reduced. As a woman of a certain age, I look for products with antibacterial, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation properties and this cream has them with the Moringa, Calendula, and Sea Buckhorn oils. The price point and quality cannot be beat.  My jar lasted a few months.

Side note: My daughter is 20, and I believe you're never too young to start a proper skin regime so she's using All Moringa Moisturizing Cream as well. "



"Since I am a devotee of All Moringa's Moisturizing Cream, I decided to try the Recovery Balm. I have a large garden and am constantly in there with my hands deep into the soil tending to the vegetables and herbs, it takes a toll on my hands drying them out, getting scraps and nicks, The Recovery Balm quickly soothes and heals not only my hands, but softens my feet and elbows with their antibacterial ingredients like Moringa, Sea Buckhorn, and Calendula. I keep a jar in the kitchen for easy access."



Tania Konishi's Testimonial:
Brand Strategist and Consultant

The Recovery Balm

"Super soothing and healing for sunburned noses. For people who are outside a lot - even wearing sunscreen, this is an incredible product that feels nourishing and kind. Very restorative."


The Moisturizer

"First of all, I love the ingredient list. All things that I want for my skin, and I wasn’t disappointed. Goes on beautifully and leaves skin feeling absolutely great. Terrific product!"


Deanna’s Testimonial:
Founder at NTV

"I received my All Moringa moisturizing cream and I love the feel and texture and the brilliant combination of the oils,  shea butter and aloe vera. I have been using it on my neck and upper chest and it is so moisturizing and after a few weeks of using it that area looks so glowy and hydrated.  I also recently had a mole removed from my neck and my dermatologist said I needed to use a light moisturizer everyday to keep it hydrated.  I started using my balm and I loved that it had the antibacterial ingredients but the oils and the shea butter were so moisturizing and it healed so quickly.   Also there was no redness during the day and it helped with reducing the scaring.  My hands have been so dry from all the washing and the hand sanitizer so every night I have been applying the balm to the back of my hands – the next morning the redness and irritation were gone.  I have been using it every night on my hands and they feel so soft and look so healthy!"


Kate’s Testimonial:
An interior decorator

"I love this balm! Both the cream and the balm are great products, but the balm really surprised

me with it’s magical properties. My skin feels so much better after using the balm daily on my hands and chest. My husband loves using it on his face and the top of his head where he gets dry skin.

It’s been life changing for him and myself. The natural Moringa Oleifera, shea butter and aloe

vera in the balm have helped heal problem areas that I have had forever. Also the fact that it is

antibacterial is a major bonus.I would definitely recommend both the moisturizing cream and the balm to girlfriends and their husbands to help soothe any area they are struggling with. A special bonus is how incredibly good both products smell. I won’t travel without them!"


Laurie Rosenthal Testimonial:

"I have used All Moringa Moisturizing Cream and Recovery Balm for two weeks with wonderful results.  I love the non-greasy, silky texture and fragrance of the cream.  I have very sensitive skin and can sometimes have adverse reactions such as rashes and breakouts to new products, but this antibacterial product with Moringa Oleifera oil and a blend of other oils is completely soothing and nourishing to my skin.  My skin is noticeably softer and my fine lines are diminished.  It has also soothed a few itchy patches of skin that I have on my shoulders and arms.  I have used the All Moringa Recovery Balm on a recent burn scar and I am watching the dark red scar disappear.  I also love the effects it has had on the dry skin of my heels.  They are both really remarkable products that will be a part of my daily routine.  My skin feels amazing!"

- Laurie R.


Laurie MacCaskill Testimonial:

"I have been using the All Moringa moisturizing cream and it is fast becoming my favorite!  I love the subtle fragrance and the texture is silky and creamy which is what I prefer in a moisturizer.  I am obsessed with hydration and this seems to be succeeding in keeping my skin supple and moist. Maintaining healthy skin is important to me and this will remain in my repertoire!"


Rebecca Edwardson Testimonial:

"I have very dry skin and I really love the richness of both the Moisturizing Cream and the Recovery Balm. I'm in my late 40s, and one area that is really showing my age is my hands. The skin has just become very crepey and noticeably wrinkled. I started using the Recovery Balm on my hands and fingers and it has really helped with reducing the crepey and wrinkled texture and just makes my hands look younger. The Moisturizing Cream really keeps my dry skin moist, and isn't so thick that it sits on top of my skin. It's a great daily moisturizer."

Jennifer Cross’s Testimonial:


"I’m in my early 50’s and my skin has changed tremendously over the last couple years. It’s always been extremely sensitive, but on top of that has become dry with fine lines. All Moringa’s Moisturizer is a lovely rich cream without being heavy and absorbs quickly. Within a short period of using it, I noticed my face is more hydrated and fresher in appearance - the fine lines aren’t as noticeable. I was drawn to the product because my skin responds well to sweet almond oil, along with the Moringa, Sea Buckhorn and Calendula  - it makes for a soothing, gentle and effective antibacterial combination for anyone with sensitive skin. And I really like the jasmine scent."



"Love this balm! It’s got a limited number of ingredients, and the Moringa, Calendula and Sea Buckhorn oils are all antibacterial and anti-inflammatory with regenerative properties that have softened, soothed and revitalized my calloused heels and dry hands. I have mild eczema on my hands and feet, and this product is now a must have staple at my bedside. "