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General Moringa Product Questions

What are the uses of the different moringa products?

Where is your moringa grown?

What are your guarantees ?

What is our mission?

Are your products vegan?

Are your product cruelty-free?

How is it USDA Certified Organic if the origin is from India?

Organic Moringa Tea Questions

How should I use the Moringa herbal tea? (Tea instructions)

Does your organic Moringa tea contains caffeine?

Is it more beneficial to drink Moringa tea than to eat the Moringa leaves or powder

What time of day is it best to drink Moringa tea?

Organic Moringa Seed Oil Questions

Why did my organic Moringa oil become solid? How do I bring the oil back to liquid state?

What are the beauty benefits of the organic Moringa seed oil?

What are the benefits of the Moringa seed oil for hair?

Canorganic Moringa seed oil help fight acne?

Can Moringa promote cellular growth?

Is there an expiration date? How do you store this oil?

Organic Moringa raw leaf powder and raw leaf powder capsules

Are your Moringa capsules organic?

Can taking Moringa leaves increase breast milk production?

How do you test for purity in your moringa leaf powder?

What are the capsules composed of?

How many servings are there in your moringa powder?

Is it best to consume Moringa with meal or empty stomach?

How can I buy Moringa leaf capsules in a refill bag?

What are the dietary benefits of the moringa leaves (powder and capsules)?

What are the overall health benefits of the Moringa leaves (powder and capsules)?

Who should NOT take or use moringa leaves?

How does Moringa help with Inflammation?

Why is Moringa good for vegans and vegetarians?

Why is Moringa leaf powder (and capsules) are good for women?

Why is Moringa leaf powder good for athletes?

Can Moringa Fight Allergies?

Does Moringa help prevent and fight the common cold and the flu?

Moringa face cream Questions

What are the main ingredients of the Moringa face cream?

What are the beauty benefits of the Moringa seed oil (main ingredient in our creams) for skin?

How do I use the Moringa face cream?

Moringa recovery balm Questions

What are the main ingredients of the Moringa recovery balm?

How do I use the Moringa recovery balm?

Moringa Tree

What other names does the Moringa tree have?

Shipping Questions

Are you shipping your products outside the USA?

What courier do you use for shipping?

How much the shipping cost?

How long does it take the Moringa products to arrive?

Checkout & Payments Questions

How can i pay for the moringa products?

Can customers use multiple discount codes and promotions on a single order?

Can i Pay With Crypto Currency at checkout?

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

Moringa Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i access my orders subscription?

How can i edit my orders suscription?