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How Organic Moringa Seed Oil helps to fight different Skin Problems

You may already be aware of the long list of benefits you can gain by simply adding a Moringa supplement to your daily diet. Made from the leaves of the famous and ancient Moringa, it is a nutrient dense and benefit-rich product that can boost health, fight signs of aging, and overcome any gaps in your daily nutritional intake.

However, Moringa oil or Ben oil is also an amazing therapeutic compound. Made from the seeds that give the tree its most well-known name (Moringa translates to twisted pod), it is noted as being incredibly beneficial to the skin and hair. Let's take a few moments to answer some of the most common questions that people have about the skin and hair therapeutic benefits of Moringa oil.

Is Moringa Oil Good for Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are most commonly associated with pregnancy, but that is not the only reason they appear. Men and women alike may struggle with them because of weight gain and/or loss, rapid growth, and even issues like stress or genetics. They are not harmful but are unwanted by most who sustain them. Fortunately, Moringa oil is wonderful for and may heal them with its high vitamins A, C and E. It is also great for cell repair. Though it won't eliminate them, it will reduce their appearance and severity.

Is Moringa Good for Acne?

Moringa oil penetrates the skin quickly and easily, nourishes the skin. It is a natural antiseptic, making it ideal for dealing with acne, but it is also great for anti-inflammation, making the redness and swollen appearance of acne dissipate and disappear.

Does Moringa Help with Dry Red and Flaking Skin?

Moringa oil before and afterMoringa before and after flaky red skin

Whether you have dry, red and flaking skin from psoriasis or eczema, or simply from seasonal conditions, Moringa oil can help to reverse or even prevent the issue. Because it is a light and easily absorbed oil, it sinks into the skin where it begins healing and triggering cellular rejuvenation.

What Other Skin Problems Does Moringa Address?

In addition to healing issues like psoriasis and eczema, reducing acne flare ups and breakouts, and soothing dry skin or stretch marks, it is important to understand that it can also fight signs of aging. It is high in beneficial antioxidants that can help with lines, wrinkles, and dullness.

Can I use Moringa oil as sunscreen?

Though it is packed with nutrients and can soothe skin, it does not have any natural UV blocking effects. It does offer the "locus effect", which shows that it prevents dirt and oil from penetrating the skin, so it remains even after bathing or swimming. However, you will also want to use an effective sunblock when outdoors.

What Are the Benefits of the Moringa Seed Oil for Hair and Scalp?

Moringa has a long list of benefits for the hair and scalp in addition to its many skin benefits. Some of the hair benefits you enjoy include its ability to intensely moisturize the scalp when used as a massage oil. When you apply the oil to the hair, working it from tips to roots, it strengthens the hair, working its way into the actual shaft of the hair.

The Moringa oil can prevent and treat babies' Cradle Cap. This is a review with before and after image that we received from one of our customers posted on our FB page:

moringa oil before and after babies cradle cap

Is Moringa oil good for hair growth? It combats dandruff and split ends while adding lots of nutrients, and this makes it perfect for encouraging growth. Unfortunately, it won't bring back hair to a bald head.

Can Moringa lower inflammation?

We don't often associate inflammation with chronic diseases, but as one report noted, "Malnutrition (both under- and overnutrition) is a major risk factor for noncommunicable chronic diseases, which include four core groups: diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, all of which are closely linked with low-grade chronic inflammation." Whether someone is overweight or underweight, their health may suffer due to ongoing inflammation.

The natural anti-inflammatory properties of organic Moringa leaves have been able to combat major diseases in lab studies. Currently, products for both health and beauty are being studied as both will support optimal health by combating chronic inflammation and its lingering effects.

Can Moringa Cure Arthritis?

If you are doing a serious look at the therapeutic benefits of Moringa, you must consider its impact on arthritis. Used to address the inflammation it causes as well as the pain, Moringa oil requires only small amounts applied to the area of pain or swelling. It was shown in studies to also may encourage healing as it eliminates the painful inflammation that causes many to fail to use the joint affected by arthritis. Application leads to movement, and the movement encourages the reduction of pain and swelling - making Moringa a potential remedy for certain kinds of arthritis.


Organic Moringa seeds

If you have been wondering about Moringa oil's benefits for your skin, hair or other therapeutic needs, these details should have answered some questions. Don't hesitate to explore this amazing, natural remedy whether in cream, oil or supplemental powder.

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