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Moringa leaf and Moringa seed oil benefit for hair and scalp

 benefits of moringa for hair and scapl

Are you looking to add a little boost to your hair care routine? Well, look no further than the ancient wonder of moringa leaf and moringa seed oil. Boasting an impressive array of health benefits for both men and women, this natural botanical solution promises a healthier scalp environment that supports better growth and improves overall hair quality. So if you’re ready to make some serious improvements in the health of your hair and scalp, then read on because we’ve got all the need-to-know information about these amazing micrograms!

Why Moringa leaf Powder is Good for Hair

With an abundance of beneficial nutrients and minerals, Moringa leaves are a treasure trove for hair and scalp health. From protein to iron, antioxidants to vitamins - supplementing with moringa leaves can have numerous positive effects on your hair. Here's how adding them to your regular diet could support the growth of healthy hair & nourish the scalp:

Vitamins and minerals: Moringa leaves are a powerhouse for hair health, packed with essential vitamins and minerals including protein, iron, and zinc. Protein is the foundation of strong hair growth while iron helps create red blood cells that send oxygen to nourish follicles. Lastly zinc keeps oil-secreting glands on the scalp in working order which ensures moisture stays locked in your hair!

Antioxidants: Moringa leaves possess a plethora of antioxidants, including vitamin C, beta-carotene, and quercetin. These powerful compounds may be the key to safeguarding your hair and scalp from oxidizing agents known as free radicals that can ravage the follicles and cause inflammation. It is believed that antioxidants neutralize these destructive molecules while providing added protection for tresses against further damage.

Anti-inflammatory: The presence of flavanoids gives its anti-inflammatory property, which may reduce irritation and inflammation on the scalp. Healthy hair growth relies heavily on a healthy scalp, as disruption in the hair growth cycle due to inflammation can lead to significant amounts of hair loss. With Moringa leaves, you can be sure that your scalp is receiving all of the nutrients it needs for lush hair!

Why Moringa seed oil is good for hair?

Moringa oil offers incredible advantages when used topically on hair and scalp. Here's how it can help maintain healthy hair:

Fatty acids: Busy lifestyles can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Fortunately, Moringa seed oil is packed with fatty acids such as oleic acid which may help nourish and hydrate the hair and scalp. This is essential for reducing breakage caused by dryness while also protecting against dandruff or other issues of the scalp.

Antioxidant: Moringa seed oil is enriched with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, which serves to safeguard the hair and scalp from destructive free radicals. Unstable molecules known as free radicals form oxidative stress and inflammation that can be detrimental for our hair. Luckily, antioxidants like vitamin E neutralize these particles in order to protect against any damage caused by them.

Anti-inflammatory: The presence of flavanoids gives its anti-inflammatory property. Moringa seed oil is touted for its anti-inflammatory capabilities, which might reduce inflammation and irritation in the scalp. A healthy scalp is imperative to optimal hair growth; however, when inflamed or irritated it can impede with this process leading to possible hair loss.

Vitamin A: Nourish your scalp and hair with Moringa seed oil! Not only is it rich in vitamin A, but this key nutrient helps to regulate the production of sebum - a natural oil created by our scalps that keeps them hydrated. Keep your strands healthy and vibrant by incorporating Moringa seed oil into your daily routine today!

infographic benefits moringa seed oil for hair

How can the combination of organic Moringa leaves and seed oil contribute to a healthier head of hair and scalp?

Moringa leaves and oil can be combined to nourish the scalp, skin, and hair. Here are some tips on how these two miracle ingredients may help promote healthy hair:

Moringa seed oil:

For an extra boost of nourishment and hydration, just add a couple drops of moringa oil to any shampoo or conditioner you use. It's easy as can be - simply mix in the product before application and enjoy softer, healthier hair!

1. Direct Application:

  • Step 1: Start with clean, damp hair. It's easier for the scalp and hair to absorb oils when they're slightly damp.
  • Step 2: Take a few drops of moringa seed oil in your palms. Rub your hands together to warm the oil slightly.
  • Step 3: Massage the oil into your scalp using your fingertips. Use circular motions and gentle pressure to stimulate blood flow.
  • Step 4: Work the oil down the length of your hair, focusing on the ends if they are particularly dry or split.
  • Step 5: Leave the oil in for at least 30 minutes. For a deeper treatment, you can leave it on overnight. If you choose to do this, consider wearing a shower cap to avoid staining your pillow.
  • Step 6: Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You might need to shampoo twice to remove all the oil, especially if you have fine hair.

2. Moringa Oil Hair Mask:

  • Ingredients: Moringa seed oil, coconut oil, honey, and an egg (optional for added protein).
  • Step 1: Mix equal parts of moringa seed oil and coconut oil. Add a tablespoon of honey. If you're using an egg, whisk it in.
  • Step 2: Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp.
  • Step 3: Leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Step 4: Rinse and shampoo as usual.

3. Moringa Oil as a Hair Serum:

  • After washing and conditioning your hair, take a few drops of moringa seed oil and apply it to the ends of your damp hair. This can help tame frizz, add shine, and protect from environmental damage.

4. For Dandruff and Scalp Issues:

  • Step 1: Warm a few drops of moringa seed oil.
  • Step 2: Massage it into the scalp.
  • Step 3: Leave it on for at least an hour or overnight.
  • Step 4: Wash with a mild shampoo. Repeat 2-3 times a week.

5. Moringa Oil and Essential Oils:

  • For added benefits, you can mix moringa seed oil with a few drops of essential oils like rosemary, lavender, or tea tree. These can promote hair growth, improve scalp health, and add a pleasant scent.


Moringa leaf powder:

Moringa leaf powder is a powerhouse of essential nutrients beneficial for hair and scalp health. Here's how you can incorporate moringa leaf powder into your hair care routine:

1. Moringa Hair Mask:

  • Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of moringa leaf powder, water (or yogurt for added conditioning), and a few drops Organic Moringa seed oil and essential oil (like lavender or rosemary).
  • Step 1: Mix the moringa leaf powder with water or yogurt to form a smooth paste.
  • Step 2: Add the Moringa seed oil and essential oil and mix well. ( just a couple of drops)
  • Step 3: Apply the paste to your scalp and hair, ensuring all areas are covered.
  • Step 4: Leave it on for 20-30 minutes.
  • Step 5: Rinse thoroughly with water and then shampoo as usual.

2. Moringa Infused Oil for Scalp Massage:

  • Ingredients: Moringa leaf powder and a carrier oil (like coconut or olive oil).
  • Step 1: Heat the carrier oil and add a few tablespoons of moringa leaf powder.
  • Step 2: Allow the mixture to simmer for 5-10 minutes.
  • Step 3: Let it cool, strain the oil to remove the powder, and store in a glass bottle.
  • Step 4: Use this infused oil for scalp massages 2-3 times a week.

3. Moringa Hair Rinse:

  • Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of moringa leaf powder and 2 cups of water.
  • Step 1: Boil the water and add the moringa leaf powder.
  • Step 2: Let it steep for 10-15 minutes.
  • Step 3: Strain the mixture and let it cool.
  • Step 4: After shampooing, use this as a final rinse for your hair.

4. Moringa in Hair Products:

  • You can add a teaspoon of moringa leaf powder to your regular hair mask, conditioner, or shampoo. This will enhance the nutrient content of your products.

5. Moringa Tea for Hair Health:

  • Drinking moringa tea can also benefit hair health from within. The rich nutrient profile of moringa supports overall health, which in turn can promote healthier hair growth.

6. Moringa and Aloe Vera Gel Mask:

  • Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of moringa leaf powder and 2 tablespoons of aloe Vera gel.
  • Step 1: Mix the ingredients to form a smooth paste.
  • Step 2: Apply to the scalp and hair.
  • Step 3: Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse off.

Note: Before applying any new product or mixture to your scalp or hair, it's always a good idea to do a patch test to ensure there's no allergic reaction. If you're pregnant or have any health concerns, consult with a healthcare professional before using any new products or remedies.

Achieve beautiful and healthy hair with daily moringa intake! Taking a dose of moringa leaves powder or capsules every day can help support your scalp health, providing you with long-lasting results. Make sure to follow the instructions provided on the product label in order to receive all of the fantastic benefits that come from consuming this powerful supplement.


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