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Dietary, Beauty, Health and Wellness Benefits of The Organic Moringa Seeds & Leaves.

51 Moringa Tree Benefits: Reasons to Add Moringa to Your Daily Diet and Beauty Regimen.

Drumstick tree benefits

Sitting in its native southern foothills of the Himalayas, the Moringa oleifera is a pretty and fast growing variety of tree. With seemingly delicate tendrils and flowers that form pods, it is quite hardy and resistant to periods of drought. Because of the many benefits of Moringa, it has also become one of the world's most widely cultivated species.


For centuries, natives have used its leaves and pods as a valuable food source, and Ayurvedic medicine credits it with the ability to prevent or cure more than 300 different diseases. Additionally, many other benefits of Moringa have made it famous the world over, and experts say that the leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, seeds, and root all provide the benefits of Moringa.

Little wonder it has been given the name "miracle tree" by some, but it is also called the "horseradish tree" for the flavor of its nutrient-dense leaves, as well as the "drumstick tree", the "benzoil tree" and the "ben oil" tree, among others. That many unique nicknames should give you a hint as to its wide array of uses. In this report, we'll explore the many ways that Moringa can be used to improve your daily diet, boost your beauty regimen and combat or cure a long list of health issues.

Just consider, the leaves of the Moringa are said to be packed with nutrients, including macronutrients like protein, as well as vitamins and minerals. It is why it has been present in the human diet for more than four thousand years. As we learn from the Mercola website, Moringa "grows rapidly and easily …and it's been used successfully for boosting nutritional intake…[in its native region, it] may be the most nutritious food locally available, and it can be harvested year-round"

However, we also know that it can be used topically (applied to the skin) in addition to being absorbed through digestion. The benefits of Moringa can come from products like organic Moringa seed oil or a Moringa moisturizing cream in addition to Moringa supplements and even Moringa soaps.

Let's begin learning more about it by looking at the benefits of Moringa when included in the daily diet.

Dietary Benefits of Moringa - The Moringa Leaves.

The leaves of Moringa trees are recognized as some of the most nutrient dense. Just consider the benefits of Moringa (based on one hundred grams of dried Moringa leaves):

  • 1. They have 4 times the vitamin A of carrots - Vitamin A is an important nutrient because it supports healthy vision, immune system function, and is a major player in the development of healthy bone, skin, and teeth. Without it, we can have poor vision, bone problems, digestive disorders and more.

  • 2. There is 7 times the vitamin C of oranges - Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants, but it is also important for maintaining the health of your bones, skin, blood cells and connective tissue. It is also great for preventing lots of diseases and protecting the body from certain cancers. It is also helpful in fighting symptoms of colds while boosting immune function.


  • 3. Moringa has 15 times the calcium of milk - Calcium is essential for bones and teeth, but it also helps our blood to form clots when we are injured, it helps nerves communicate signals from the brain to muscles and it can help manage cholesterol.

  • 4. There is 3 times the iron in spinach - Iron is an essential mineral because it is what transports oxygen to all parts of our body, makes up a lot of the red blood cells in our bodies and is part of everything from the immune system to brain function.
  • 5. A 21 gram serving of powdered leaves delivers 8% of your RDA of magnesium - This is a nutrient that is responsible for lots of different bodily functions, including regulating blood pressure, nerve function and blood sugar levels. It is important in protein and DNA production, as well as bone production, too.
  • 6. Moringa contains 3 times the potassium of bananas - Potassium is what ensures that our cells and body fluids remain balanced (it is an "electrolyte" that managed water throughout the body). It is also important for our muscles to function, our nerves to communicate and for our hearts to beat at a regular rate.
  • 7. It offers 11% of your RDA of riboflavin (in a 21 gram serving of powdered leaves) - Also known as vitamin B2, it is what our body needs in order to turn carbohydrates into energy and it helps us properly digest and use the other macronutrients.
  • 8. It contains nine times the protein of yogurt - Protein is a "macronutrient" because our bodies need so much of it (along with fat and carbohydrate). Protein makes enzymes (which you should think of as materials needed for ALL body functions). It is also in our hormones, bones, muscles, skin, blood and cartilage.
  • 9. It provides 19% of your RDA of vitamin B6 (in a 21 gram serving of powdered leaves) - Our brains communicate using chemicals called "neurotransmitters" and vitamin B6 is essential for the production of many of these neurotransmitters.

That list of nine dietary benefits of Moringa alone (consumed as a supplement or powdered leaves) should be enough to inspire you to add it to your daily diet, but there are many other benefits yet to discover. Just consider these dietary benefits of Moringa:

  • 10. In addition to being nutrient dense, the leaves are packed with "antioxidants". A basic list would include vitamin C, beta carotene, calorigenic acid, and quercetin - Antioxidants are a mixed group of materials that stop certain molecules (scientists call them "free radicals") from doing damage to the cells in the body. It is free radicals that can cause cancer, heart disease and more. By consuming abundant antioxidants, like those in dietary Moringa, you are naturally boosting your ability to fight disease.

  • 11. As part of your daily diet, the benefits of Moringa also include improvements in digestive health in general -This is because it is an effective anti-inflammatory and this supports much better digestion thanks to its ability to "treat stomach ulcers, liver disease, kidney damage, fungal or yeast infections (such as Candida), digestive complaints, and infections"


Keep in mind that, in addition to Moringa supplements and powders, you can also consume it in the form of organic Moringa seed oil. As a light cooking oil it is safe to use, and even better if you don't heat it at all but simply ingest it in small quantities. For instance, using it in a health shake, as salad dressing and in recipes where "a rich, nutty flavor, such as stir-fried dishes and marinades" is desired.

The leaves are often used to make a nutrient-dense tea, the pods are often used for the organic Moringa oils, and even the seeds are being used for such unique tasks as purifying water. Though there are no set or recommended dosages for Moringa, it is well known that even in small amounts (such as a half to one teaspoon each day) can yield amazing results.

Of course, we have to also look at the Moringa plant benefits that can be enjoyed when you use it as part of your beauty regimen. For example, should you switch over to a therapeutic Moringa moisturizing cream? Let's read on to find out…

Beauty Benefits of Moringa - The Moringa Seed oil (Ben Oil).

As this Dr. Axe article is being written, there are more than 1,300 "studies, articles and reports have focused on Moringa benefits and this plant’s healing abilities". While a lot of studies are emphasizing the uses and benefits of Moringa in areas susceptible to disease outbreaks or problems with nutrition and/or chronic dietary deficiencies, there are many looking at the beauty benefits of Moringa.After all, it has long been known that organic Moringa seed oil is an optimal lubricator and hydrator for skin of any kind. Let's look at the ways that you can rely on the benefits of Moringa to improve the condition and overall health of your skin, hair, and appearance:

  • 12. Moringa is packed with nutrients like vitamins A and E, zinc and many amino acids - What this means is simple - it is fantastic for skin but even better for stimulating hair growth. The oils extracted from the seeds are edible, but you will want to apply the organic Moringa seed oil directly to the scalp where it can work like the ultimate hair tonic.

  • 13. Moringa seed oil is also great for boosting circulation in the scalp - Here too, it presents you with a topical treatment for boosting hair growth without any harmful chemicals.

  • 14. Highly absorbable, Moringa oil is great for fighting dandruff - Additionally, it is good for nurturing hair follicles and balancing the oils of the hair and scalp, ensuring no dandruff, reduced hair loss, and great scalp condition.

  • 15. Moringa oil combats fine lines and wrinkles - One of the reasons that our skin forms wrinkles is that we all age. Part of the aging process involves the body's production of those free radicals we mentioned earlier. If you apply a few drops of Moringa oil to the hands, face, neck, and body, smoothing it in well, it will nourish the skin with all of those antioxidant vitamins that fight those free radicals that cause wrinkles and lines to form.

  • 16. Prevents or reduces blackheads and acne - As a reliable antibacterial and antifungal agent, Moringa oil is amazing for improving the condition of the skin and overcoming the bacterial issues that are a common cause of acne and breakouts.

  • 17. You can combat psoriasis and eczema with it - Moisturizing and soothing, Moringa oil is also an anti-inflammatory agent that helps to manage the irritations and infections that cause chronic eczema or psoriasis to appear and reappear.

  • 18. Many use organic Moringa oil to destroy warts - As a natural antibacterial agent, you can often reduce or eliminate warts with repeated applications of organic Moringa oil.
  • 19. You can rely on it for wound and scar healing - The use of Moringa as a healing compound on any areas of skin breakage or damage has been proven in a few studies. In fact, the studies show that it has strong effects for "wounds with respect to skin-breaking strength, wound closure rate and reduction in the scar area."

  • 20. You can use it with cold sores - Many use Moringa to fight difficult skin conditions and infections, including the herpes simplex virus. The benefits of Moringa are so profound that it may block formation of skin lesions and marks caused by such viruses.

  • 21. It detoxifies and hydrates the skin - It is long known that one of the primary beauty benefits of Moringa is in its ability to counteract the damages of pollutants while also slowing the aging of skin with its antioxidants. Also, the high protein in Moringa helps skin cells harmed by serious pollutants like mercury.
  • 22. You can use it to cleanse the hair - It is a well known purifying and cleansing agent for hair, cleansing and conditioning even as it stimulates the scalp.

  • 23. Trust therapeutic Moringa moisturising cream to keep your skin in top condition - No matter the current condition of your skin, applying Moringa moisturising cream each day (twice daily) is going to improve conditions. The oils and creams are light and easily spread over even the driest skin. They are readily absorbed and intensely nourishing, protecting and healing.

Of course, one of the best ways to savour the beauty benefits of Moringa is to enjoy its many health benefits. Radiant inner health is reflected in your appearance, and using organic Moringa seed oil as well as a nourishing and therapeutic Moringa moisturizing cream will help you present your best self to the world.Let's look at what many tout as the most important benefits of Moringa - its amazing ability to support and nurture your overall health and wellness.


Overall Health and Wellness Benefits of Moringa.

Because Moringa is nutrient dense, it is looked at by many as a wonderful food source for those in areas at risk for serious drought, food shortages or large numbers suffering dietary deficiencies. Many in other parts of the world also use Moringa as a trusted supplement to help ensure their regular diets are not without major vitamins and minerals. Millions also rely on organic Moringa seed oil and Moringa products for their beauty needs. Yet, if we are honest about it, the most substantial benefits of Moringa must be those that support overall health and wellness.

Let's focus on those throughout the rest of the article, starting with antioxidants…

  • 24. Increases blood levels of antioxidants - Imagine your body being full of little compounds that target molecules that can cause harm. Daily Moringa supplements can give you this level of protection and help you to reduce threats of "oxidative" damage, which is just the result of different bodily processes and aging.


  • 25. Reduces inflammation - Ask almost any doctor and they tell you that inflammation is the source of an endless list of issues with the body. Any time there is inflammation, there is a response in the body, and it can cause everything from ulcers or liver problems to joint issues and more. By controlling inflammation, you have much better control on your health.

  • 26. Lowers blood sugar - One of the most recognized benefits of Moringa is its anti-diabetic effects. It is due to a compound in Moringa known as "isothiocyanate", which has the ability to control the increase in blood sugar levels following a healthy meal.
  • 27. Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels - Natural fats in the blood, known as cholesterols, can get out of balance and cause harm. However, one of the known benefits of Moringa is that lowers cholesterol much in the same way as some prescription drugs!
  • 28. Full of anti-aging compounds - This is some of the antioxidant behavior of Moringa, but it also has polyphenols and other compounds that combat chronic issues like certain cancers, diabetes, and eye disorders common to old age.
  • 29. Balances hormones - Studies have now shown that one of the most unique and important benefits of Moringa is that it has the ability to balance hormones naturally and slow the effects of aging that unbalanced hormones can worsen.
  • 30. Boosts your immune system - The high levels of vitamin C and other nutrients have been shown to improve your ability to fight off common germs and viral infections.

  • 31. Improves your digestion - We did look at this earlier, but there is more to the story. Ancient peoples have long used it for those with ulcers, kidney problems, liver issues and infections of the digestive or even urinary systems.

  • 32. It can detoxify - Because organic Moringa oil may improve liver function, it is seen as a reliable detoxifying agent.

  • 33. It can help combat kidney stones - It also fights urinary tract infection, constipation and diarrhea.

  • 34. Its high protein helps the brain - Moringa supplements are a protein dense food source and because of that, it is known that is great for the brain.

  • 35. It boosts mood - Because Moringa is full of tryptophan, which is a key neurotransmitter, it improves serotonin production - ensuring your mood is elevated.

  • 36. It is good for the thyroid - Driven by hormones, the thyroid regulates your metabolism. Interestingly enough the many antioxidants in Moringa actually support thyroid health, ensuring more energy.

  • 37. Moringa may combat edema (fluid retention) - As an anti-inflammatory, it can work against fluid retention and may even be as strong as some prescription compounds used to fight it.

  • 38. Antibacterial and antifungal - Remember too that it is a natural antibacterial and antifungal compound. That means that Moringa supplements or organic Moringa seed oil may be able to fight internal as well as external microbes. It can help combat food-borne illnesses, fight the toxicity of heavy metals and even arsenic, and it will also serve as a good disinfectant when cleaning.

  • 39. It is known for fighting many forms of cancer - Often described as an anti-cancer agent, Moringa extracts contain natural compounds that can fight tumors. Moringa is also known for containing "Niazimicin", which stunts the growth of cancer cells, and it may even be able to help treat more serious forms of cancer. Successful studies have shown it effective with some skin, ovarian and hepatic cancers.

  • 40. It may be able to fight neurodegenerative diseases - Among the health benefits of Moringa is its evidence as fighting neurodegenerative diseases thanks to its ability to help with brain health and the production of neurotransmitters.

  • 41. It protects bones - Not only anti-aging, but also a compound that can support healthier bones as we age, Moringa is ideal for those fearing bone loss. It also used in healing bones after breaks or damage.

  • 42. It is good for some autoimmune disorders - As a natural immunosuppressant, Moringa can help some people struggling with autoimmune issues (in which the immune system attacks healthy organs or tissue). It is also used to help those receiving organ transplants.

  • 43. It is a reliable arthritis treatment - As an anti-inflammatory compound, it is being effectively used to fight arthritis.

  • 44. Moringa offers cardiovascular support - Among the benefits of Moringa is the fact that it is helpful in preventing cardiac or myocardial damages. The high amounts of antioxidants can support cardiovascular health and offer protection during certain harmful events.

  • 45. Asthma patients can rely on it for relief - Those using quality Moringa extracts may rely on it for relief of inflammation in the airways and bronchial asthma symptoms.

  • 46. Allergies or allergic reactions can be lessened with Moringa - The inhibitory behaviours of Moringa have led experts to determine that it can help those with severe or hypersensitive allergic responses.

  • 47. Birth control may be possible with Moringa supplements - Though the science has yet to catch up on this one; many insist that it has anti-fertility properties that make it an effective form of birth control.

  • 48. It is great for your eyes - All of those antioxidants translate to retinal health and even support for eyes damaged in many ways. For example, capillary membranes in the eyes can be protected with Moringa supplements.

  • 49. It combats anemia - We already discovered this when learned about its high iron content. However, it is important to keep in mind that Moringa supplements may be able to treat anemia and sickle cell disease.

  • 50. Moringa may boost energy - With its antioxidants healing cell damage, its high quantities of nutrients and amino acids and its protein, it actually helps the body to experience a boost of long-lasting energy.

  • 51. Lactating mothers have an increase in breast milk - Supplementing with Moringa is common in many areas, and particularly among lactating women. It is relied on to reduce fatigue and help improve health, but it is also known to support increased breast milk production.


In addition to all of these benefits of Moringa, you can also count on it to boost your sex drive, work as a toning astringent for skin, serve as an athlete's foot treatment, and even as a reliable remedy to gingivitis.

So now you got a better idea about this amazing generous Moringa oleifera plant, give it a try, Start Using Moringa Today!

Up until this point, we have spoken of the benefits of Moringa generally. However, as is the case with so many products, not all Moringa products are alike. You must use ecologically and environmentally conscious plant-based natural ingredient products in order to enjoy the optimal health, wellbeing and beauty benefits described here.

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